RepliKate: A Girl Finds Budget Clothes And Copies Kate Middleton's Outfits

Date December 15, 2017 16:59

A young beautician from Berkshire County, Kate Urbanska, has always considered Kate Middleton to be the best role model. She did not miss a single appearance of the Duchess in public and secretly dreamed of being able to wear such beautiful and stylish clothes.

One day she came up with the idea to recreate a special outfit of Kate Middleton, but the price was too high. Though the Duchess of Cambridge tends to wear different things, even from democratic brands, in her wardrobe, there are still a lot of luxury clothes (now we are talking about Alexander McQueen, J. Crew, Naeem Khan).

So then Kate Urbanska decide to look for budget copies of Kate Middleton’s outfits on the internet. She managed to find similar things on eBay, Amazon, and other websites.

Since then, Kate often goes “clothes-hunting.” She explains:

There was something about The Duchess' style that instantly struck a chord with me. She never follows trends and she picks clothes that are comfortable, elegant and classic.

However, they sometimes come not in her size, so she has to seek the help of a seamstress. But even with this additional spending, her wardrobe is not so expensive. For example, Kate Middleton's dress from Naeem Khan that cost $3.5 thousand, Urbanska managed to buy for $40. Of course, it’s a replica, but still, it works.

Kate Urbanska has already got more than 30k followers on her Instagram and keeps recreating stylish looks of her royal namesake. And she’s been quite successful in this. Her inexpensive but similar outfits are becoming more and more popular.

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