Colorful Cafe In Thailand Offers Their Customers Not Only Coffee But Also A Chance To Wear The Mermaid Outfit

Date October 13, 2017

It turns out that in the modern age, no matter who you are or what you love, there is a place for everyone. And this amazing mermaid cafe is somehow fulfilling the fantasy we never thought about. This Mermaid Cafe, which is located in Thailand, can offer many interesting things, and we bet that after seeing these gorgeous photos, you'll want to book a trip.

You don't need to purchase a costume to feel comfortable in this place. Guests receive their own super special mermaid tails to wear as they come in.

There, the specially made desserts are pretty tasty. According to their Instagram page, the cafe serves multi-colored waffles, oyster shaped macaroons, and rainbow topped tie dye milk shakes.

It's not just the fact that you get to be an underwater goddess as you chill in this cafe that will appeal to you, there's just something amazing about the colorful atmosphere that we just know will uplift your mood.

Just in case you want to continue that mermaid fantasy, the cafe also stocks some fun mermaid merchandises that you'll certainly love.

And one more thing. You don't even need to leave your dog at home to have some fun there. Clients can come with their beloved pets and enjoy some quality time together.

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