True Reason Why Princess Diana Was So Fond Of Her Clutches

Date February 1, 2018 19:12

Lady Diana was a true fashion icon for millions of women worldwide. And even years after her tragic death, we continue to learn some of her personal secrets or favorite fashion tricks.

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For instance, Princess Diana figured a very interesting way to use her favorite clutch bags as a protection from scandalous photos.

"Cleavage bags"

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While many people have noticed that Lady Diana loved her small clutch bags and used to carry them very close to her chest, the true reason why she was so fond of these small bags was discovered only recently.

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This little secret of Princess Diana of Wales was revealed by famous British designer Anya Hindmarch. In an interview with The Telegraph, Hindmarch recalled the days when she only opened her first store in Chelsea back in 1993 and welcomed Lady Diana as one of her first customers.

She was a very loyal customer and a lot of fun.

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In particular, the two women had a lot of fun while designing Princess' favorite small satin bags. According to Hindmarch, Diana used to call them “cleavage bags” because she often used them to cover her breast while getting out of the car.

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Apparently, these little handbags can be something more than just a stylish accessory. And looking at some of Princess Diana's pictures, it becomes obvious just how useful and effective her little trick was.


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In such a stylish and elegant way, Princess Diana managed to protect herself from any unpleasant photos of some kind of a “wardrobe malfunction” making it to the tabloids.

It is a pretty convenient fashion tip, don't you think? Share your thoughts about this invention of Princess Diana in a comment below.

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