German Artist Creates Body Paintings That Make His Models Almost Invisible


February 8, 2018 18:31 By Fabiosa

One artist in Germany creates very unusual paintings. Jörg Düsterwald from Hameln draws his masterpieces not on paper or canvas but on the people's bodies.

Furthermore, he creates his paintings in a way that makes his models nearly invisible in certain surroundings.

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Jörg Düsterwald / YouTube

Blending in with the picture

In some cases, it is pretty easy to spot a woman standing in front of a colorful wall, covered with graffiti or large green fence. In other cases, however, it takes people a long time to find the woman hidden somewhere in the picture.

Jörg Düsterwald / YouTube

When working on a new project, Jörg Düsterwald picks a place where to put his model and then spends hours creating his next masterpiece. The artist pays attention to every detail: from the angle of the light to the shadows from other objects around the model. In the end, everything looks like a plain sight, and only those who look close enough can spot something unusual about certain parts of the picture.

Jörg Düsterwald / YouTube

One of the recent projects of the painter is called Door Art. It was created in cooperation with a German photographer Tschiponnique Skupin. Together, the two artists made a number of outstanding pictures that puzzle minds of many people.

It is fascinating how the man can take into account even the tiniest details, making his body paintings blend in with the field.

You can see for yourself how amazing and highly detailed the artists' works are by watching the video below.

Jörg Düsterwald and his colleagues do an amazing job and create gorgeous masterpieces on a daily basis. They help people see the true beauty and uniqueness of the most usual things.

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