Girl From Russia Creates Fantastic Creatures That Look Too Realistic To Be Toys

Date January 29, 2018 18:11

It is always fascinating to see the amazing things people create with their hands. Some people make impressively realistic paintings, while others crochet cute little dolls to surprise their loved ones. And one girl from Saint Petersburg, Russia, creates all kinds of animals that look too realistic to be toys.

Meet Ekaterina Gakman, a 27-year-old woman who has mastered the art of toy making and brought it to a whole new level. Most of her stuffed toys are animals: Some of them are real, others are fantastic characters either created by the girl herself, or taken from famous books, movies, or legends.

The bodies of her creatures are made of faux fur. And to create the faces and paws of the animals, the girl uses polymer clay and pastels. The toys also have a wire skeleton which makes them more flexible.

Below, you will find some of Ekaterina's finest works.

1. Rainbow Kittens

2. Ice-Cream Cat

3. Siberian Dragon

4. T-Rex Dog

5. Mogwai Gizmo

6. Madame Lama

7. Albino Axolotl

8. Nifflers

9. Slow Doris

10. Cheshire Cat

11. Chinese Dragon

12. Koala

13. Biker Mouse

14. Sloth

15. Panda

16. Tyrannokitten

17. One and a Half Marble Cat

18. Griffins

19. Little Elephant

20. Ginger Kitten

While they all look extremely adorable, it is noteworthy that they are not meant for kids. All these incredible toys are collector's items.

Still, it is hard to believe that all these fantastic creatures were created by someone's hands. Did you like these furry cuties? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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