11-Year-Old Girl Got Standing Ovations After Performing Whitney Houston’s Song On Italian Talent Show

Date November 24, 2017

In 2014, the world saw an 11-year-old girl from Italy who, despite her very young age, could sing like a real pro. Serena Rigacci from Italy became quite famous on the internet after her performance on the local talent show Next Star.

Next Star / YouTube

The little girl chose a very difficult song that not every adult singer can perform without any flaws – I Will Always Love You by the legendary Whitney Houston. And since the very first seconds of her singing, it became obvious just how talented Serena was.

The girl amazed the judges of the show not only with her strong voice but also with the way she was holding the stage. By the time Serena sang the last words of Whitney Houston's hit, everyone in the audience was on their feet, applauding the young musician.

Once the video of her amazing performance was uploaded on YouTube, it virtually went viral. As of today, the short video published by Next Star has over 6 million views.

And the little Serena keeps improving her skills and seems to never miss an opportunity to perform in front of an audience once more.

In 2017, the girl entered the competition at the Hungarian version of the world-famous talent show The X-Factor. She even made it to the grand finale.

And her success at the show comes as no surprise. While it is quite hard to recognize that sweet 11-year-old baby girl in this confident young lady, she still possesses one of the strongest and most amazing voices ever heard. And the fact that people from Hungary supported the young Italian singer is yet another proof of her incredible talent.

Watch the video below to see how it all started for the amazing singer Serena Rigacci from Pisa, Italy. And who knows, maybe one day this beautiful girl will be just as famous as her favorite music idol Whitney Houston.

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