Real Life Ken Dolls: Rodrigo Alves And Celso Santebanes Spent Fortune On Surgeries That Did Not Make Them Happier

Date December 1, 2017 18:19

Is there anything wrong with a person wanting to look beautiful and attractive? In most cases, the answer is no. However, some people don't see it when they cross that thin line between making your face or body looking a bit more better and turning into a surgery-addict.

Brasilian “Human Ken Doll”

Celso Santebanes was only 16-year-old when he had his first surgery. The young man was told he looked pretty much like Barbie's boyfriend Ken, so he decided to make that statement even truer. In a few years, he spent tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgeries that were supposed to turn him into a living version of the Ken doll.

The boy even got a nickname “Ken Humano” – Human Ken – and in 2014, he created a doll that looked just like him. However, fame did not make him happy and multiple surgeries did not help him stay healthy.

In 2015, Celso Santebanes died of cancer after five months of intense therapy and treatment.

The man who underwent over 50 surgeries

Rodrigo Alves is yet another person who was not pleased with his natural look and decided that plastic surgeries were the best solution. In a matter of a few years, he had dozens of surgeries that changed nearly every part of the man's body.

The man claims he has already spent over £300,000 (over $400,000) on different procedures. He was not going to stop up until his body started to fight back. According to Mirror, Alves had to have an emergency surgery on his nose because of the necrotic processes that started in his body. After that, he swore he would never go through a surgery unless it is for “emergency medical reasons.”

However, Alves did not keep his word. As of today, he already had 51 surgeries and over 100 cosmetic procedures meant to improve his appearance and make him look like a doll, The Sun reports.

Did it make him happy and will he ever stop? That is the question only Alves himself can answer. But one thing is for sure: a truly happy person feels comfortable with his body without any unnecessary surgeries.

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