Social Media Power: One Post Helped Find Sweden Couple Who Lost Their Wedding Ring In The Canaries

Date November 28, 2017

Do you believe that social media and Internet have a great power? We have one story that proves that sometimes, social media can help perform truly wonderful and miraculous things. for example, it may help find an owner of a lost ring.

Unexpected discovery

Julie Dass is a fellow British woman who currently lives with her family in Gran Canaria, Spain. One day, her daughter Jessica discovered a golden ring on the beach. Not knowing how to locate the owner, Julie wrote a post on Facebook. She added a few pictures of her discovery and specified that the ring owners were most likely from Sweden as there were two names written on the inside of the ring – Andreas & Ulrika.

The date of the wedding was also carved on the inside of the ring, but Julie did not specify it in her post. She said that the person who would recognize the jewelry as their own would have to name the date so that she can be 100% sure it was their property.

In the end, she asked people to share the post, hoping that eventually, the owners of the ring would see it too.

Many users from Sweden shared the post, and pretty soon, Julia has found the right person – Ulrika Knutsdotter.

People were amazed by Julie's kindness and willingness to find the owner of the expensive ring so that she could give it back to them.

Then, it was only a matter of a few days before the happy women got her wedding ring back.

Stories like this one make us believe that there are still a lot of kind and trustworthy people out there. Thus, even one post shared on social media can make the difference.

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