Kate Middleton's New Website Will Help Teachers Talk About Mental Health

Date February 6, 2018

Mental health problems are known to cause instability in the lives of adults. Sadly, only little attention is paid to children suffering from them. Furthermore, mental health problems can be even more devastating among kids.

In this light, the Duchess of Cambridge has just launched a new website called Mentally Healthy Schools. This new project is powered by the Royal Foundation. It is part of her Heads Together initiative and designed to support the mental well-being of students in the UK.

The quantity of individuals with mental health problems usually starts escalating by the time they reach their teens. In children, mental health problems can manifest the attention deficits, isolation, and lower assimilation rates.

The new website is free to use and contains resources to aid teachers and school staff in better understanding mental health. It also provides practical guides on how to offer support to kids.

Supporting mental well-being in children

For Her Royal Highness, the mental well-being of children is very important. Children spend a lot of time with their teachers at schools. Thus, this puts teachers in the ideal position to assist troubled children.

When we intervene early in life, we help avoid problems that are much more challenging to address in adulthood.

For the most part, teachers are not ill-equipped to handle children with mental health problems. The website is expected to reduce the strain on teachers by providing adequate resources.

Resources will also provide information to teachers on what to look out for in children in order to aid early detection of mental health problems or developmental disorders.

Above all, teachers will also learn how to deal with students who are suffering emotional trauma due to loss of relatives, peer pressure, and even eating disorders.

Children suffering emotional trauma can get help

Furthermore, children will also be encouraged to approach their teachers if they have issues they would like to discuss. Over 1,500 relevant resources are included on the website. They are specially designed to fit into the curriculum for primary schools in England.

A “quality assurance group” has thoroughly vetted by all resources. This is to ensure that the content is suitable for children at this school level.

My own commitment is to the youngest and most vulnerable in their early years - babies, toddlers and schoolchildren - and to support all those who care for them.

Most of all, Her Highness believes that children deserve to grow up happy and without strife. She is mindful of how she raises her children. The Duchess of Cambridge limits the children’s access to iPads. Her goal is to raise kids in a healthy, friendly, and stable environment.

This is a short video showing highlights of the launch.

The launch took place at Roe Green Junior School in Kingsbury, London.

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