Emotional Speeches Of Celebrities At The 2018 Women's March

Date February 13, 2018 13:20

January 20, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of the 2017 Women's March. In commemoration, the Women’s March organization staged another event. From all across America, women gathered in solidarity.

The march in New York had over 200,000 people in attendance. And it was not just the women of New York that took to the streets. Several other major cities replicated the march. Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, and even Mar-a-Lago were involved.

Like last year, the focus of the march is on protesting against President Donald Trump, his policies on administration and healthcare, and also racial issues. In addition, a number of other themes have been included in this year’s march.

Top of the list of new themes is "Power to the Polls". The message is focused on increasing voter participation and encouraging women to participate in the political process. This includes advocacy of women’s rights and a renewed drive for women to run for higher political office.

Celebrities gave emotional speeches and shared tweets

Several celebrities participated in the 2018 Women's March, each one showing their unflinching support for the American state and women’s rights. A couple of the celebrities also took to the stages and gave some very emotional speeches.

1. Viola Davis, Los Angeles

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2. Alyssa Milano, Atlanta

Proud. #WomensMarch #PowerToThePolls

Допис, поширений Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa)

3. Eva LongoriaConstance Wu, and Natalie Portman, Los Angeles

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4. Halsey, New York

5. Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson, Los Angeles

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6. Elizabeth Wagmeister

The mission

The march continues to be powered by positive values and is insistent on engendering a change in the political landscape of America. Over 250 marches took place all over the world.

The mission of the Women’s March is to “harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.

On the international scene, the march also has lots of support. Under the auspices of The Women's March Global, the march also held in other countries and cities including Canada and Rome.

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