Neil Diamond Amazed By Fans Donating Money To Charity

Date February 7, 2018

Mankind has its good and evil sides. And most of the time, it's bad news that we hear. But not today! Today we would like to talk about love, respect, and compassion, which human beings can show.

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Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease

One of the greatest American entertainers, Neil Leslie Diamond, had to retire from touring, due to the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Some may not know, but Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder, where many brain cells die. Symptoms include tremors, slowness of movement, loss of balance etc. The cure for the illness is yet to be found.


Fans donating refunded ticket cost to charity.

After canceling the tour in Australia and New Zealand, Mr. Diamond officially apologized to all the people, who had already bought their tickets.

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Fans responded with a touching gesture and donated the refunded money to charity. “Faith in humanity = restored”, tweeted Neil’s wife.

The musician also approved this heartwarming and generous move with the tweet of his own.

Age and illness won't stop passion.

On January 24, Neil Diamond turned 77. A lot of celebrities congratulated him with warm and loving words.

Despite his age and diagnosis, the artist plans to carry on his hard work on songwriting, recording, and other projects. His most recent music album, Acoustic Christmas, came to the world in 2016.


The world we’re living in is beautiful, because of people who can share generosity and compassion, love and support, dedication and passion with all of us. Thank you, Mr. Neil Diamond.

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