France Flooding: Photos Of Paris After The River Seine Raised Its Level

Date February 1, 2018

The River Seine runs through the middle of the French capital. It’s one of the Paris’ sights, which makes photos of Eiffel Tower look more scenic. But its undeniable beauty hides danger behind it. The banks of the river burst on Saturday and submerged parts of the city.

January came to the city of love accompanied with heavy rains, making it the wettest month in more than 100 years. It caused a tremendous rise in water levels.

The French flood agency Vigicrues downgraded its flood estimates, saying it expected to the water-level rise to reach a peak in the capital on Sunday morning of 19 feet and 6 inches (6 meters), which would be several inches less than the city's 2016 floods.

1. High levels of the River Seine.

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2. The flooded banks of the River Seine in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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3. Many stations and tourist boats have been closed, including the most famous Paris’ attraction – The Louvre.

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4. A flooded street.

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5. A closed road along the river in a flooded area.

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6. A flooded bridge.

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7. Water levels rose to the height of the Zouave statue of the Pont d'Alma.

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8. People have to use boats as they leave their houseboats on the flooded banks of the river.

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9. This year's floods are not as bad as the ones happened in 2016.

10. A flooded street lamp.

11. The high level of the River Seine near the Notre-Dame de Paris.

12. A beautiful but terrifying look of a flooded street in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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13. The Notre-Dame de Paris.

14. Paris is half-submerged under water.

15. In 1910, the flood was even worse. The water reached the neck of the Zouave statue, and the city was submerged for two months.

16. More than 1,500 people left their homes because of the rising water levels. Some areas of the city are underwater, making boats the only way of transportation.

17. A flooded café near the Seine River.

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18. A man is trying to cross the river.

29. Streets look more like rivers.

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The water levels are expected to stay high during the whole week as the rain is expected to worsen, but people stay positive. Locals comment that it’s not the first flood they’ve survived and that they got used to it.

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