Clear Plastic Jeans, Dry Cleaner Bag Dress, And 18 Other Weirdest Fashion Trends Of 2017


January 22, 2018 12:03 By Fabiosa

Let's be honest: the word "fashion" is not always synonymous with the words "taste" or "style". And in 2017, it got to the point where fashion catalogs and brands offered us things that were embarrassing to wear when going out to the store, not to mention walking down the street or going on a date. Here are 20 weirdest trends of the last year.

1. Instant clip-in buns for men who want a new unusual hairstyle.

2. Crazy hairy selfie nails do exist now, and this trend is as terrible as it sounds.

3. These fluffy slippers seem to be inspired by some furry animals.

4. High-rise jeans with a front-to-back zipper made the Internet abuzz.

5. Big shoulder pads should be left back in the 80s where they belong.

6. Another bizarre trend is clear plastic jeans – for those who would like to go out nude.

7. Bags so small they can only hold your phone.

8. These double-sided boots are made for multi-directional walking.

9. Gucci’s sock sandals are so beyond ridiculous, they are hilarious.

10. Bright male lace outfits are a complete disaster.

Yup. Lace WILL be in this summer. Designed by @hoza729 for @hologramcityla Loose Wrists video out SOON!! Directed by @bigdipperjelly @austinwatie @jaromehollingsworth @treys_chic @ink_la

Допис, поширений C A Z W E L L (@cazwellofficial)

11. Rompers are extremely comfy to wear, and now, grown-up men have some options to choose from too.

What's better than rocking a #romphim on your own at the #kentuckyderby? When you and your 7 closest friends #romptogether and redefine #derbyfashion.

Допис, поширений Original RompHim™ (@originalromphim)

12. Why wear one regular pair of jeans when you can wear double jeans?

13. Another crazy nail trend that will hopefully disappear in 2018.

Ok but #WHY ?! In the #hell would someone ask for a #fullset like this one ?? And why a #nailtech would even accept doing it ?! Guys this put #pressure on the #nailbed by doing that #bubblenails hope you have good #insurance that covers your #company or #nailsalon .aint no way im loosing what ive #accomplished #sofar im not #greedy c'mon now #thingsyoubeseeingman #nailtechlife #omg

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14. Pants or just one 'pant'? Half jeans are perfect when you can't figure out if it is hot or cold outside.

DENIM MADNESS *Half Jeans *Peak A Boo *Clear Panel Mom Jeans Ipi Wame Tisha Zaidi #fashion #denim #denimmadness #momjeans #halfjeans #vetements #fashion #afroswagga

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15. Sometimes, brand things are just an upgraded version of what you can get merely for free.

16. And some outfits resemble things that you probably have at home, like a dry cleaner bag.

17. Arguably, it is the most eccentric fashion.

18. Construction workers seem to follow the very latest fashion trends.

19. Full jeans with clear knees are a little bit… strange.

20. And those who really love their bed will like these duvet ponchos.

We can't wait to see what 2018 will bring!

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