'My Mom Was A Very Strong Woman:' Kyle Richards Pays Tribute To Her Mother In A New Show, 'American Woman'


In 2017, Kyle Richards was as busy as a bee working on her new series American Woman. It turns out that the show is inspired by her stories of her life and family, showing what growing up in the 1970s looked like. In half-hour series, viewers will get an insight into the struggles single moms have to go through to bring up their children.

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Paying tribute to her mom.

In reality, Kyle’s mother was a single mom raising three daughters in a big city. At that time, strong women were not as popular, so there were quite a few challenges her mother had to face. Richards started to act early as a child in part because there was not enough money to pay the bills and make the ends meet.

What is true is my mom did have the pressure of having three children.

Kyle admits that her mom was flawed in a number of ways. But she was still a loving and amazing woman who did everything possible to make sure her girls were doing OK, teaching them that it was necessary to become independent and strong.

Richards has always been vocal about her mother, and she doesn’t miss a chance to share some heartfelt moments from their life and caption them with the sweetest words.

Happy birthday Mom. I miss you everyday ❤

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Fans’ support

The show will premiere in summer 2018, but fans already congratulate the actress on its production.

Besides, on January 12, they had another occasion to congratulate Kyle on her 49th birthday! Admirers just rushed to Twitter to shower Richards with warmest wishes.

What about Kyle’s daughters?

The actress also wants to impart several things to her daughters. In particular, she wants to show them that they can achieve anything without having to need a man for everything.

Never allow yourself to be intimidated by a man.

And it seems her kids see Kyle as some sort of Wonder Woman. One of the actress’ daughters, Portia, really looks up to her mother, considering Richards a superhero. Actually, the little one was asked to dress up like a superhero for school. Guess what? She chose to go as her mother.

Portia definitely has her mom’s style down.

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