Charlie Armstrong's Incendiary Performance Of “My First My Last My Everything” At The Voice Russia Show

Date November 28, 2017

The talent show is the place where new talents are revealed. But sometimes, famous people also come to the show to surprise the audience and judges.

Let’s go over the history: Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) was the legendary jazz musician and an incredible person. It’s hard to find someone who has not heard his name or songs, but how about his grandson?

Now there is an opportunity to meet Charlie Armstrong, the grandson of the legend; amazingly enough he is also closely related to Barry White, another legendary singer and great musician.

Charlie Armstrong is an extremely talented person with unbelievable skills. He is a jazz musician and followed his dad’s footsteps. He made his first steps in singing while visiting the church. At the age of twelve he already had the first concert, which was rather successful. Concerning his songwriting career, Charlie has written songs for famous artists from all over the world.

This whole story took place in Russia during 'The Voice' show auditions. When the melody started, it got the female judge up on her feet and dancing. They all were shocked when they discovered who performed that song!

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Charlie Armstrong performed at the stage of 'The Voice' Russia show in 2016. He chose a song “My First My Last My Everything,” and it was the right choice. It was one of the most incredible performances at the show, and nobody was left indifferent. The result went beyond all expectations!