People Who Like To Combine Household Routine With Dancing

Date November 22, 2017

Every person has some household chores, which should be done. This may include cooking, cleaning, and many other things. Some people find them rather boring, while others manage to turn them into a funny activity.

In the following video that was uploaded by Aaron Simpson, you may witness a husband catching his wife with a camera. She was looking for a recipe in the book and was dancing at the same time. At the end, she finally noticed that her husband was filming her all that time and couldn’t stop laughing. It is a really good video for the family collection!

The girl on this video was also unaware that she was filmed. She was listening to the music at home, when some family member started to record a video from the back. The girl feels herself really relaxed and comfortable while being at home. At the end, she is really frightened as she could not even imagine that there was somebody standing behind her back.

This video is extremely funny as it shows a young woman Cassie jumping next to the stove. She was frying something in a pan and actively danced in order to entertain herself. She must be a very active woman, trying to use every minute in the most effective way. Or maybe, she just likes the LMFAO song “Sexy and I Know It” because it was playing really loud in the kitchen. At the end of the video, Cassie notices that someone is recording her and says “Oh my God” as it was a completely surprise for her.

The next video was uploaded by Christine Jones on YouTube, and it is totally hilarious. You can see her husband, Alex, cleaning the room and doing some funny dancing moves at the same time. He was wearing bright green shorts, which made him look so unusual and funny. It seems like he really enjoys the cleaning process and does everything with pleasure. When he noticed the wife, he immediately decided to hide from her behind the couch.

These people really know how to enjoy their life! What do you think about them?

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