Pets Show Who Is The Boss In The House (Videos)


November 22, 2017 18:23 By Fabiosa

Most pets are usually so adorable and funny that it is impossible to imagine they can do something wrong or hurt anybody. But in some situations, they can easily show who is the boss in the house. Cute little cats and dogs can turn into strict guys who are able to teach a life lesson.

On this video, one can observe a black cat lying under the sun next to the swimming pool. It is evident that he enjoys the time sleeping outside and don’t want anybody to ruin such an idyll. But there are also two puppies who are really bored and want to play with the cat. They try to wake it up, but their attempts are not successful. The cat decides to get a revenge and makes one puppy jump into the pool.

The next video was most likely recorded on the beach. There are two dogs who were lying on the sand and fully enjoyed their time. They wanted to stay relaxed, but there was also a little girl who decided to lie down next to the dogs. She put her legs on dogs several times, but they didn’t like it. The next moment, one of the dogs stood up and started digging the sand towards the girl. What a sweet revenge!

The last video in this post was recorded in the village by the woman. She was calling the cat, but suddenly, the dog came out of nowhere. The cat got scared and didn’t know what to do next. Fortunately, the other dog decided to stand up for the cat. It was such a nice act! It turned out that they are friends, and this dog often protects the cat. And that’s what real friends should do!

Of course, most of the time our pets look cute and seem to be kind, but it doesn’t mean they can’t stand for themselves.

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