Lively 70-Year-Old Men Dance Like Youngsters


December 5, 2017 16:01 By Fabiosa

Many people think that after retirement, people should become calmer and rest as much as possible. But in reality everybody is different and some people prove that the age is nothing.

A 70-year-old man quickly became an internet sensation after a clip of him dancing so wonderfully went viral online. He was not only to move his body so impressively, he was also doing a great job of keeping up with the other dancers in the group. Viewers wonder what this grandpa’s secret as many people want to look that good dancing at 70.

Most likely he just enjoys a life keeping a healthy diet and doing sports. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that this man is no stranger to regular exercise. The fact that he is a member of a dance group at his age proves that for a fact.

This man is just simply awesome, showing off his skills for the other dancers in his class. From the look on his face, it is evident that dancing is a sport he loves very much.

But it turned out that he is not the only one who loves dancing at such an age. For example, this man shocked everybody with his unusual moves. He dances so professionally that it is impossible to take the eyes off him. He is so active and seems to enjoy the life. Such people inspire others to move on and never give up!

This video was recorded during some kind of a festival or a dance competition for elderly people. Though, most of the participants were in pairs and danced together. This guy came alone but it didn’t stop him from having fun. He became a star as everybody watched him dancing.

These people really prove that the age is nothing!

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