Celine Dion And Her Duets: Beautiful Versions Of A Famous Song "The Prayer"


December 5, 2017 15:51 By Fabiosa

Celine Dion is a great singer, and she is known not only for her famous soundtrack for “Titanic” movie “My Heart Will Go On”, but also for numerous other beautiful songs and duets. Her shows are extremely popular, especially those in Las Vegas in Caesar Palace. After a year hiatus from the stage, the diva is back on the track and opened another magnificent singing season this year in August. Her songs are loved by many fans, but one of them became really special.


It’s “The Prayer” – her gorgeous duet with Andrea Bocelli that got an excellent critical reception and hit many charts in the US and Canada. Originally this song was recorded as two separated solo versions. Bocelli sang it in Italian and Celine in English. Two strong vocals sound amazing together. Their outstanding performance in Central Park definitely sent shivers down the people’s spines.

However, as perfect as this duo seemed, another performance made this song sound even better. Once Celine told the audience that there was one rehearsal of “The Prayer” before some concert, and Andrea Bocelli couldn’t make it there. So they asked her to rehearse with a teenager and claimed that he was really good. At first, she was disappointed, but then she saw that nervous boy who was going to join her and her heart melt. After hearing him singing she was mesmerized by his voice and later on the world got to hear the new duet performing “The Prayer” – Celine Dion and Josh Groban. The released new version was even more successful than the original one and now we can enjoy this song in several variants!

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