True Friendship: Ape From The Gorilla Orphanage Comforts Her Sad Caretaker


December 4, 2017 15:27 By Fabiosa

Sometimes animals are even more compassionate than humans. And they can do things no one expects from them, especially when it comes to the interaction with people and sensing their emotions. And it’s not only about pets, many wild animals demonstrate empathy and affection. Luckily, nowadays we can witness the moments when animals are acting in amazing way. Thanks to photographers and videographers who help us see such things.

This ape showed she could see how people feel and respond to that in the most touching way. So, the gorilla, Matabishi, was captured hugging her keeper when he was sitting on a log with his head bent down. Apparently, he was feeling very sad.

Then the gorilla took his hand as it she was trying to say something. Her eyes were full of love and understanding. What is more, when the man got up, she hugged his leg and didn’t want to let him go, showing that she is his true friend who will never let him down no matter what!

Those moments are so precious! That's really cool because there was a photographer, Nelis Wolmarans, who captured this touching scene at the Senkwekwe Mountain Gorilla Orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa.

He said:

"The four mountain gorillas who are cared for at the center have constant human company and develop very strong bonds with their carers."

"The deep emotional bond is heart-warming to see, and the gorillas both draw comfort from and give comfort to their caretakers."

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