These Signs Show If A Cat Is Happy Or Not

Date April 2, 2018

Cats are great pets to have around a house for many reasons. For starters, they are much easier to manage. All they really need is food and water. They pretty much take care of themselves. No baths needed as cats groom themselves. And no fur to detangle.

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Unlike dogs that need to be waked to get exercise, cats get all the exercise they need. The only real downside to having a cat is that you will have to train them with a litter box.

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And of course, cleaning out a litter box can be a chore. Cats are awesome companions, especially for children. They love to play and will stay busy if you give them a toy or two.

How to tell a happy cat

Cats don’t ask for much but like all other pets, they also have feelings. Happy pets are usually more adjusted to living with people. Here are some signs that show a cat is happy.

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Cats don’t speak, but they often show satisfaction by purring. It may not seem like a particularly clear sign since cats sometimes purr when approached by people or other animals. Still, behaviorists say purring does show a comfortable cat.


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Sometimes, they may look like they are kneading dough or playing the piano, but this is one sure sign of a happy cat. Often, they may combine it with purring or half-closed eyes.

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And always watch out for their ears. If a cats’ ears are standing straight up, it means they are interested in what they are looking at. And when they point slightly forward, they love what they are looking at.


Also, when they have their tails straight up, it means they are happy. And if they are particularly excited, cats even flick the end of their tails. So, if you see your cat displaying any of these signs, you got yourself a happy cat.

Caring for cats

Cats love to stay indoors away from the weather and danger. It is advisable to have a breakaway collar and a visible ID tag on your cat, in case they ever get missing. Some ID collars can be synched to apps, and missing cats can be tracked.

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Ensure that cats are kept clean and fed healthy balanced diets. They can have the occasional treat though.

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They may be awesome at having fun all by themselves, but they also thrive on attention. So, cats should be played with often as well to keep them happy.

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