Smart Tips For Introverts Who Want To Learn How To Deal With Conflict The Right Way

Date April 5, 2018

Ever wondered why different people respond differently to conflicts? The answer lies in personality types. Introverts, in particular, generally avoid conflicts as much as possible.

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Michael Nussbaum at the University of Nevada notes that withdrawal is often adopted by more introverts than extroverts. It is a reflex action but, sometimes, may be interpreted as antisocial behavior.

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For an introvert, extra time is often required to analyze a situation and process thoughts before taking action. Even in cases where conflict cannot be avoided, an introvert may not find closure until much later.

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Tackling conflict the right way

Irrespective of personality type, conflicts should be handled with care to avoid escalation. Introverts are usually seen as nice, passive people who always avoid confrontation and lack aggression.

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Still, introverts can handle conflicts by being assertive. Speaking up is sometimes a better strategy than running away from a verbal exchange. With control and respect, an introvert can resolve a conflict without raising dust.

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Sometimes, even simple words can make a whole lot of difference. Saying “and” instead of “but” can calm frayed nerves. For example, instead of saying “I see your problem, but you need to listen to my solution” say “I see your problem, and you need to listen to my solution.” The new sentence makes both positions equally relevant. And a solution is offered to a problem.

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As a rule, avoid absolutes. Don’t use phrases like “You always” or “You never.” Nobody always does one particular thing all the time. People are likely to get even more defensive if they hear these words. Instead, speak about the frequency of the action that is causing a conflict.

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It takes intelligence to find a balance when handling conflicts, as different people are bound to react differently, depending on the situation.

Managing introverts

About a third of the people on earth are introverts. They may be quiet, but most introverts can be highly effective and sociable if approached in the right environment.

Stereotyping does make life difficult for some introverts who may experience anxiety and extreme bouts of shyness. It does not help much that they also don’t fancy small talk much but rather form deep connections with people.

Understanding the personality of an introvert and encouraging them to be more vocal about their thoughts will go a long way to assisting them in integrating into everyday situations.

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