Nassir Had A Surprise Date To His Prom That Nobody Expected: His Mom


April 17, 2018 16:00 By Fabiosa

Most teenagers look forward to their proms as an opportunity to be at their finest. The preparations can go on for weeks or even months. And the highlight is always the fate. Everyone wants to have company, especially someone they really like.

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But Instagram user Nassir had his own idea for the ideal prom date: He asked his mom. The teenager shared pictures on his handle this week, of himself and mom as they got ready for the date.

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Nassir’s mom raised him on her own and missed out on her senior prom so she could save money to pay for an apartment. And sweet Nassir thought that this was an awesome opportunity to thank her for her amazing sacrifice.

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And did they look every bit the dashing couple. Nassir definitely got heads turning at his prom, with his mother looking absolutely fabulous in her green cut-out dress and fur.

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It’s not everyday teenagers act like proper gentlemen. Still, Nassir is a shining example for many to follow.

Sons and moms at prom may become a trend soon

In 2017, Rayquan Howard-Moss from East Mecklenburg High School took his mother to his prom. Shontelle Howard-Moss also missed her high school senior prom and asked her sons not to miss out on theirs.

Although Shontelle insisted Rayquan take a student date to the event, he refused. Speaking with Channel 9 News in Charlotte, Rayquan said:

It’s always been on my heart. I wanted to make it special. She didn’t get to go to her prom, so I made it a priority to take her to my prom.

Like all the other seniors, Shontelle got to pick out her dress for the big day and also take pictures with her son before they went out.

She was very glad that her son thought of the sweet gesture.

Words cannot even explain this moment. It’s been 18-20 years, and I never thought I’d get this moment, but he wanted me to have a high school prom.

Girls take their dads too

Twitter user @mellat did not have a date to her prom. Lucky for her, good old dad stepped in just in time.

Do you know any teenager having a hard time finding a prom date? Share this post with them. They may have the perfect date right under their noses.

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