Since There's A Princess Diana, Why Isn't There A Princess Kate Middleton?

Date April 25, 2018

She may have been the “People’s Princess,” but the late Diana was much more than that. To her sons, she was a caring and attentive mother who was always looking out for them. In many ways, Diana gets credit for the fine men that Prince William and Prince Harry have turned out to be.


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In their TV documentary film, Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, the royal siblings shared their personal perspective of one of Britons most popular royals. Her humanity and kindness above all things are highlighted in the feature.


The scandalous allegations of extra-marital affairs did only so much to tarnish her image in the public eye. Year after her tragic passing in August 1997, she remains an icon for her values, dedication to humanity and the unwavering charm she exuded.


Even after her passing, Diana still holds the title, Princess of Wales. She was also the Duchess of Cornwall, but the title was handed over to Camilla, the current wife of Prince Charles of Wales.

Why is Kate Middleton not a Princess?

There has been a lot of confusion about Kate Middleton’s official title, Duchess of Cambridge. Diana was commonly referred to as Princess Diana after she got married to Prince Charles. But Kate is the Duchess of Cornwall, and she got married to Prince William. Why the disparity?


The fact of the matter is Diana was not a princess. She was bestowed the title, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales in 1981 after her wedding to Prince Charles. Her other title was Duchess of Cornwall.


Diana’s Princess title was used by members of the public in fondness and was never official. It is said that Diana even admitted that the title was incorrect. But this did not stop people from using it.

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Still, the late Diana was royalty. Her father was Viscount Althorp and the 8th Lord Spencer. She was born Diana Frances Spencer and became Lady Diana Spencer in 1975 when her father inherited the title, Lord Spencer.


The Princess title is officially bestowed on children of the ruling house and is a birthright. Diana and Kate married into the family and as such cannot bear the title.

Speaking of titles


Speculation is still rife about the title Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will bear if Prince Charles becomes King. In 2005, it was announced on the Prince of Wales’s website that her title would be HRH the Princess Consort. The information was shared in the FAQ section of the website.


However, the notice was removed from the website early this year. This action incited rumors that Camilla may be awarded the title of Queen in the future. To clear the air, a spokesperson from the Palace shared this update with the Telegraph.

Our Frequently Asked Questions are updated regularly. This is one question that Clarence House has not been asked by the public for some time, which is why it no longer features.


Although the Sunday Times has suggested that Camilla is more popular now than ever, they added that "two-thirds of Britons did not think she should be queen, and only 19 percent thought she was fit for the role."

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