Eleven Saves The Day Again: This Boy Got Stood Up For His Birthday Party, But Got A Better Deal When Millie Bobby Brown Came Through

Date March 23, 2018 18:03

It's the era of celebrities supporting their fans. They all seem to be going out of their way to make time for for the people who keep them in business.

The star of Stranger Things just promised to attend a fan's birthday party. She even went as far as to RSVP on behalf of the entire cast of the hit Netflix series.

Millie Bobby Brown comforted Aaron when kids didn't show up for his birthday.

On March 18th, Twitter user @ayenalambat shared the sad story. Her brother had planned a 'Stranger Things' themed party for his birthday, and the eight classmates he invited didn't show up.

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Millie saw the tweet and replied immediately with a promise to attend the next party with the entire cast of the series.

The birthday boy, Aaron Alambat’s brother gathered over 50,000.

retweets for images showing an empty party after none of his invited friends showed up. Decorated with the infamous Stranger Things light up message, a Demogorgon blood cocktail and a themed cake the venue made for quite the sorrowful soiree.

People showed support.

Millie might not be the only Stranger Things cast member to join in the festivities after Dustin AKA Gaten Matarazzo also took to Twitter to show his support saying, “Count me in too!"

Everyone loves a heroic story and what Millie did was nothing short of amazing. After the news of her act broke, fans shared their support.

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Speaking of good people doing kind things.

19-year-old Mika Riddick from Maryland recently donated her prom dress to girls in need. She said prom dresses are so expensive, so in a tweet, she offered the dress to anyone who needed it for one fun night.

A lot of people bought into the cause, and it began a trend of girls providing their prom dresses.

While we eagerly await the third season of the show which sees the cast members gaining significant pay rises, let’s skip down to Aaron’s house and get ourselves a slice of that cake. Try and save us some Millie!

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