Simple Haircut Made All The Difference! Homeless Man Gets An Incredible Makeover, And Now He's Unrecognizable

Date April 17, 2018

This homeless man became emotional after seeing the results of the drastic makeover he was given for free by a local hair salon.

His makeover

Dr. Filmgood Audiovisual Studio / YouTube

His name is Jose Antonio, and he had been living on the streets for over 25 years, working as an "unlicensed car park attendant" and an electrician to make money to buy food.

Dr. Filmgood Audiovisual Studio/YouTube

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With years, his hair turned grey, and he grew a large, unkempt beard. One of his regular customers was the owner of La Salvajeria salon, and he invited Mr. Antonio to have his hair done.

Dr. Filmgood Audiovisual Studio/YouTube

People have viewed the video over a million times, and it has also been shown on TV in different countries. The man is well known and well liked by locals.

Dr. Filmgood Audiovisual Studio / YouTube

More than a year after the video was shot, Mr. Antonio is now reportedly clean shaven and has got his grey hair back. Sources said he has retained a healthier look and hopes the viral video will help him get a job.

After the makeover, Antonio returned to the streets to take in the response of his community. People loved the changed but were concerned he wouldn't be able to maintain the look.

Many who commented on the video worried that the homeless man will still have to return to the streets despite looking so different.

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A similar makeover


Popular YouTuber Vitaly has made series of videos where he helps the less privileged.

VitalyzdTV / YouTube

In the video below, he helps a homeless man by taking him shopping for new clothes and a nice meal. Humanity isn't dead after all!

Today, however, this generous act is a reminder that everyone, whether they are homeless, or a refugee, or an immigrant, deserves a fresh start in life.

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