Prank Gone Wrong: Spanish Man Pays $73,000 In Damages After Kicking Woman On The Street For Fun

Date March 27, 2018

A young man from Barcelona got into a lot of trouble for his involvement in a prank that turned out badly. He had to pay $73,000 to his victim, a 48-year-old woman who he left with serious injuries.

Costly prank

Available footage showed the man, Garcia Montealegre, preparing for his prank by counting down on his fingers while a camera captured his actions.

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He carried out the attack on the unsuspecting woman in the Diagonal Mar area of Barcelona, Spain. His victim and her friend were standing with their backs turned to him when he kung-fu kicked her.

The attack left her with a sprained ankle and cervical pain that meant she was unable to work for 75 days.


Montealegre and his friends seemed oblivious to the pain they had caused her. Their initial reaction, after she fell to the ground, was laughter.

But, after the video became viral in February 2015, he turned himself into the local police and agreed to pay $18,000 more than he was ordered to pay in damages.

A lawsuit for emotional distress

This is clearly a bad time for people who get a thrill out of pranking others as another incident from 2017 shows.

© Jake Paul / YouTube

Popular YouTuber, Jake Paul, is known for his comedic pranks. But, a Californian man did not find it funny when Paul picked him for one of his games.

The social media celeb and his team had decided to blare a car horn loudly, just to capture the look of alarm on their victim's face.

© Jake Paul / YouTube

In the video above, they blare and apologize facetiously and even embarrass Paul's younger brother by putting up an unflattering picture of him on a billboard.

However, their misadventure caused one of their victims' harm.

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The unsuspecting man was leaving a store in WeHo when they unleashed the loud sound on him.

© Jake Paul / YouTube

The man claimed that the sound had damaged his hearing. He went ahead to sue Paul and his team for damages and emotional distress. 

Should pranks be left in 2017?

As funny as pranks can be, it is impossible to tell how they will play out. Especially if the person who is being pranked is a random stranger.

Pranking is not an exact science. Before you go around pulling pranks on unsuspecting people, you probably should reevaluate the situation. Because, as the examples in the video show, on the other end of a prank, a lawsuit or beat down may be waiting for you.

Here's an idea though. Instead of going through all this trouble just to catch a thrill, think about leaving pranks where they belong, in 2017.

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