Love Champion? Jilted Man From Virginia Beach Starts A Love Challenge To Give Away $1,700 Engagement Ring


A man named Steven Crocker from Virginia Beach is putting a positive spin on being the jilted lover.

Crocker's love challenge

Crocker, 23, was jilted just a month before he proposed to his girlfriend. At the time, he had already bought a $1,700 ring and was waiting for the date he had picked.

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When Crocker, who works as a robotic camera operator at a news station, was finally able to look at the 14-carat white gold ring, he wanted to sell it off and move on with his life. But, he encountered an unexpected problem.

None of the local shops he went to offered him a good price. He said:

I went to some stores, and they weren't offering me very much money.

Crocker told TODAY Style that he was not particularly concerned about recouping the money. Still, he did not want to sell off the ring at a loss. And so, he chose to start a love contest on Facebook.

He is not alone.

A woman from Winnipeg named, Hannah Pratt also gave away her wedding dress on Kijiji. Pratt took to the online classified advertising site to offer her dress for free to a deserving bride after her wedding was canceled.

She gave the gown to one of the 50 women, Jasmine Doolan, who responded to her ad.

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Pratt says she felt connected to Doolan the moment she read her story. The lucky Doolan won the $1300 Tara Keely dress for sharing her story of getting off drugs after surviving sexual assault.

Pratt loved the experience of gifting her dress out so much that she started a network, collecting dresses for brides in need.

With love, you just never know.

It's great that their experiences did not turn them into cynics because, as cheesy as it is to say this, love is a beautiful thing. Finding that one person you decide to share your life with for the long haul is worth every experience that leads up to that moment.

These 5 couples are proof that nothing beats the moment when the person you love asks you to share your life with them:

1. He came along on a work trip and made it special.

A photographer asked her boyfriend to come with her on a work trip to Utah. While they were on the Salt Flats, he got on one knee.

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2. She went from casual Friday to a mountaintop proposal.

After work, a man asked his girlfriend to join him on a hiking trip. She obliged and found a dress and an engagement dinner waiting at the top of the mountain.

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3. A book nerd gets a proposal she could not have imagined.

During a dream trip to the world's most beautiful bookshop in Portugal, her romantic boyfriend got down on one knee.

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4. A pilot took his girlfriend on a ride, and then he proposed.

He took her on a trip to show off his maneuvers skills. After they landed, he showed her their flight pattern on his flight app, and it had the words: 'Marry Me', as well as a heart.

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5. A good old Paris proposal between partners of 5 years.

While celebrating their fifth anniversary together in Paris, they decided to go see the Eiffel Tower and while she was preoccupied with taking off her sweater for a photo together, he bent the knee.

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Don't let a negative experience with love make you miss the opportunity of a future with the love of your life. You never know what great love awaits you.

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