Queen Consort Vs Princess Consort: How An Upgrade In Camilla's Title Will Affect Kate Middleton

Date December 17, 2018

If you already watch Netflix's The Crown, you'll know that titles in the royal family are a big deal. Whether they have been bestowed or not. And so, since Prince Charles' prospects of becoming a king are getting closer and closer, people can't help but talk about what title is Camilla Parker-Bowles looking at?


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Settling the debate

As first in line to succeed the Queen, Prince Charles' wife is meant to become Queen Consort of England someday. However, after he married his long-time mistress Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005, it was stated that she would only take the title of Princess Consort when Charles becomes King.


This decision was an acknowledgment of Charles' earlier marriage. His affair with Camilla during his marriage to Princess Diana is said to have played a huge role in its dissolution.

However, royal watchers recently noticed that a key Frequently Asked Question was taken out of the Prince of Wales website. The question taken out, along with a few others, was what Camilla's title will be after her husband becomes King.


It has clearly been uppermost in every Britons mind. In fact, as recently as August 2017, a Sunday Times report said as many as two-thirds of Britons did not think Camilla should be queen.

What happens to Kate Middleton's title?

Prince Charles, on the other hand, seems to think his wife should get the title. In an interview with NBC News host, Brian Williams, he fueled rumors about his intentions to upgrade Camilla's title when he said:

That’s, well … We’ll see won’t we? That could be.

He was responding to Williams' question of whether Camilla would be Queen of England someday.


For now, Camilla is simply the Duchess of Cornwall. She is entitled to be Princess of Wales, but she probably let it go because it was strongly associated with Princess Diana.


However, unlike Camilla, Kate Middleton will definitely be Queen Consort someday. But first, she gets to step into Princess Diana's shoes.

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If Charles becomes King, he is at liberty to pass on his Prince of Wales title to Prince William according to tradition. This would make Kate Middleton, "Catherine, Princess of Wales" if she so pleases.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

As for Meghan Markle's title, she's now known as Duchess of Sussex after getting married to Prince Harry in May of 2018.


Prince Harry used to be known as His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, but we've already got used to the Dyke of Sussex.


We have to say, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has a nice ring to it.


Because her husband to be is sixth in line to the throne, that is all Markle can hope for. On the other hand, Middleton looks forward to becoming Queen of England someday.

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