Say What? Dog Owner Takes A Stand Against Fat-Shaming After Her Beloved Corgi Was Shamed On Instagram

Date March 16, 2018 10:16

A corgi named Pax inspired a fat-shaming push-back after his owner stood up against a troll on Instagram.

Pax's owner fights back.

Pax's owner, Morgan Moffitt, did not let it slide when a picture of her lovely dog drew negative comments, especially from a user who called the dog poor and fat.

Morgan, who also has two other corgis and one rescue mutt, is proud of her dogs and used to getting positive reviews from her followers. But, this one time, after she put up a picture of Pax during a visit to the groomer, one of the comments she got was:

That poor dog is so obese.

Morgan decided to address the negativity.

When she first got Pax, he was very sick and underweight. She loved and cared for him until he got better. In an interview with TODAY, she said:

I do everything to keep him healthy, happy, loved. He's the happiest dog on the planet.

And celebrity dog-mom, Chrissy Teigen, loved her fight-back so much, she liked the post on Twitter.

An operation saves Emmy's life.

Another dog worthy of note is Emmy. When she was rescued, she was worm-ridden and had to be operated on. Emmy's owner Jess had to nurse her dog back to health. She also got Emmy the best possible health care.

Dr. Merrick Tollison of the Altamaha Animal Clinic, who performed the operation on the rescue dog, said most rescue dogs were victims of exploitation on dogfighting circuits. She said the clinic has had to treat a number of abandoned dogs like these, who are in pretty bad shape.

Charlie gets lucky twice.

Unlike, Pax and Emmy, all Charlie the shelter dog needed was a good makeover to get a new lease on life.

When Charlie was found on the roadside, he looked very unkempt. His hair was entangled and knotted in painful burrs when he brought to the L.A. Area Shelter where he was given a temporary new home.

But, he got even luckier. A grooming visit turned Charlie into a brand new dog and in just two days, he was adopted.

Without that grooming, he would have ended up dead. The L.A. shelter was a high kill facility and Charlie stood the risk of being euthanized soon to make space for other rescues in just under a week.