New Man, New Life: Why Pippa Middleton Is Light Years Away From Her Former Life As A Girl About Town

Date April 11, 2018

Pippa Middleton is now a socialite in her own right. But long before Brighton came to know her as simply Pippa, she was Kate Middleton’s baby sister.


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The rise of Pippa Middleton

When William and Kate began to date as students of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, the press kept readers regularly updated on the life of the young couple. Pippa was often photographed out with her older sister shopping.


This was long before she began to draw her own significant interest for her high brow relationships and style.


She was often spotted out at London's poshest nightclubs, and on the arm of handsome, young aristocrats. And both she and Kate were criticized in some quarters as social climbers. This was all despite the fact that their family was moderately successful and Pippa herself was a career girl.

A much more mellow life

After acting as Maid of Honor at her sister’s flamboyant royal wedding in 2011, Pippa embraced the fame that came with her status upgrade.


As in-law to the royal family, she was at once an events planner, television regular, and journalist.


But, in recent times, she has all but disappeared from the gaze of the media. Since marrying the multi-millionaire James Matthews, she has had a drastic lifestyle change.


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It is believed that marriage is responsible for her new mellow disposition - that and the fact that she prefers to engage with the press on charity work these days. Or, otherwise, host dinner parties at the £16 million Chelsea mansion she shares with husband.


Mr. Right

The couple had been friends for about 10 years before they switched things up. They got married in a gorgeous ceremony at Lake District in 2017, after dating for just a year.

Meghan Markle is said to have attended the wedding as a clandestine guest. George and Charlotte also stole hearts in their oh so cute roles as page boy and flower girl.


Matthew started out as a racing driver before he moved to finance. He is known these days as a hedge fund manager, and a very wealthy one at that. His family owns the popular Eden Rock hotel, which his father bought in 1995 after he spotted it from a yacht in 1994.

Talk about new money!

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