She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant: Woman Gives Birth In A Grocery Store After Surprise Labor

Date April 10, 2018 15:08

A woman from Canada is turning a generally held believe about pregnancy on its head. The new mom, Ashleigh Miller-Cross, is said to have carried her baby full term without having the slightest clue.

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Bizarre birth experience

She was reportedly going about her regular day, shopping for produce at the Atlantic Superstore market in April 2017 when she went into labor.

While shopping, she started to feel pains that made her discontinue her business and head for the bathroom.

Once there, she realized that she was in labor.

The store’s manager, Malcolm Comeau, told Inside Edition that he heard the labor sounds coming from the bathroom and went to investigate.

He claims he found her sitting on the toilet holding onto half of the baby.

Inside Edition / YouTube

The new mom, on her part, says she did not realize she was pregnant because she had given birth about a year ago.

No one believes her story

The mom of two is finding no love online for sharing her unusual story. Most people believe that the story is fabricated for the purpose of virality.

For the most part, the consensus is that Ashley’s story is impossible.

But it's entirely possible

However, it would seem that it is medically possible. An OB/GYN at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Michael Cackovic, says this is entirely possible for women who do not regularly go for check ups, have their routine periods and regular sex. It turns out that the state of a woman's mental health can also contribute.

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Web MD states that this condition is called denied pregnancy, and it happens often and could be dangerous for both mom and child.

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This is because naturally, women with denied pregnancy miss out on important prenatal care. New mom, Miller-Cross, is lucky her new baby boy came out perfectly healthy.

In fact, the leading medical website says one in 400 or 500 women are almost half gone before they realize they are with child. That number is quite huge. What do you think?