U.S. Army Officer Who Tried To Pimp His 4-Year-Old Daughter For $1000 Online, Sentenced For 60 Years

Date March 28, 2018 10:53

A U.S. army officer from Wisconsin has been sentenced to prison for 60 years, after he attempted to pimp out his 4-year-old daughter for sex.

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A disturbing ad on Craigslist

The man, Andrew Turley, put out the disturbing call on classified advertisements site Craigslist in 2015. He captioned the ad 'Play with Daddie's Little Girl'. The Houston Police Department immediately caught wind of it and worked out a way to catch him.

They got in contact with him as potential customers and exchanged no less than 70 emails with him. In one of the emails, the man said he was willing to give his daughter medication to put her to sleep, before any possible sexual encounter.

Turley also gave the undercover officer a price. He would charge $1000 for two hours with his daughter, but he made it clear that there would be no intercourse as she was "too young."

Sentence and social media reactions

After he led the officer to his sleeping daughter who seemed to be under the influence of an unknown substance, Turley was arrested. He was charged with trafficking and compelling prostitution in a minor.

News of his crime and sentence has drawn reactions on social media, with a number of people calling for his sentence to be increased:

Turley's case becomes the first major rollback on the protection companies like Craigslist enjoy legally, after the company discontinued its "personal" ad section.

This comes after the upper and lower house of the U.S. Congress voted in favor of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act last week, by a large margin.

It has not yet been signed into law by Trump.

You too can help combat criminal activities online

As great as this milestone is, it requires online communities to be alert and proactive, for it to be effective. In 2017, a 15-year-old girl was gang-raped on Facebook live and no one reported the incident to any known law enforcement agency.


It is likely that people get confused in situations like this and are not always sure what to do. But there are easy and immediate steps you can take.

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Importantly, look for details that can help law enforcement agents, like street signs and unique features of the people involved. Instead of sharing the post with your followers, make a video recording with your phone.

In addition, as much as it might seem like a great idea to contact them directly, don't. It is way more effective to use the "report" feature on the app to flag the problematic post.

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