Everyday Hero: 13-Year-Old Teenager From Ohio Rescued Her Little Brother From Drowning In A Septic Tank

Date March 21, 2018

A teenage girl from Dublin, Ohio, has been named heroic after she rescued a toddler who had fallen into a septic tank full of sludge.

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Teenage hero

Mary Holley, a neighbor who narrated the incident, said she was with her friends at a pre-fantasy football party when they heard some noise. Upon investigation, they found a mom standing by a septic tank screaming, with her son trapped inside.

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Holley said the hole was too narrow and the chances of the little boy being rescued were slim. But, an heroic teenager decided to go in anyway.

The girl, Madison Williams, 13, is the elder sister of the trapped toddler, and her mom could not be more proud.

The septic hole in question was more than 8 feet deep and only 11 inches wide. Madison had to place her arms on top of each other and squeeze her shoulders to get in.


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As soon as she had access to the little boy, she pulled him out. She is only about 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

Airport worker saves girls from trafficker

Madison's heroism joins other acts of selflessness that make small and big changes in the world. Like Denise Miracle, an airline ticket agent from California, who saved two girls from being trafficked.

Denise works at the Sacramento International Airport. When the two anxious teenage girls, aged 17 and 15, walked up to her ticket counter with no identification, luggage, or guardians, she sensed that something was out of place. It became clear when she saw that their second, first-class tickets were purchased under someone else’s name.

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She immediately called the attention of the authorities, and it was discovered that a man named Drey had purchased the one-way tickets for the girls to appear "in a music video."

He immediately deleted all his social media accounts after he was contacted by the authorities. Thanks to Denise, the teenage girls who would have boarded a flight into an unknown fate, were saved.

No greater love

It's impossible to talk about these acts of kindness without talking about this woman who jumped into a freezing lake to rescue her drowning dog.

The video was published on LADbible's Facebook account, and it showed the woman entering into the lake while passersby looked on. What makes her action beautiful to watch is how determined she is to rescue the dog without caring much about the impossible conditions.

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