3-Year-Old Girl Rescued From Drowning By Her Heroic Father Who Died Saving Her Is Out Of Danger

Date April 5, 2018

A young father from Indiana lost his life in an attempt to save his 3-year-old daughter from a car which had rolled into a retention pond. Anthony Burgess Jr., 24, dived after the car which had his daughter seated inside it.

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Heroic father

Burgess had parked his car near an apartment complex close to the pond and noticed too late that it had begun to roll towards the water. At the time the incident was reported, it was not clear at what moment the little girl got into the car.

Witnesses say, the heroic Burgess, who could not swim, did not hesitate as soon as he noticed that his daughter was trapped in the drowning car.

He got in and told the little girl to move to the back as it began to sink. Some of the onlookers got into the pond too, to save both Burgess and his daughter.


A rescue team and ambulance was called, but before they got to the scene, it was too late. They got the unconscious girl. The father, however, died in the hospital.

She is out of the hospital

Divers have since recovered the drowned car. They found it 50 feet from shore in near freezing water. The little girl, Amina Garrett, has also been discharged from the IU Health Riley Hospital for Children where she was treated.

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When investigators examined the car, they found that the gear selector was in the neutral position. It is believed that Amina moved the selector out of park into neutral while she was moving from seat to seat.

Don't leave children alone in a car unsupervised

Cpl. Jet Quillen of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, whose unit is responsible for investigating drownings, said:

Don’t let vehicles (sit) unattended and running. Turn them off. Secure them before you leave the vehicle.

The rate of car related mishaps involving children is more alarming than most people realize.

Seattle Children's, a foundation that specializes in research and health care, said 38 children in the U.S. die from heat stroke each year after being trapped in a car. And the age range for these recorded deaths are between 3 and 14.

It may seem like a parenting overkill, but do not let children play inside the car or give them access to the car key.

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