Shocker! Parents From France Taken To Court For Naming Their Child "Liam"

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March 15, 2018 18:03 By Fabiosa

Imagine having to defend your right as a parent to give your child whatever name you please! Well, these parents from France have been taken to court for naming their newborn daughter Liam.

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Why the court placed a ban on the name

Their crime is quite interesting. The new parents have been stopped from using the name because a public prosecutor believes that it "would likely create a risk of gender confusion."

It gets even more intriguing.

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The prosecutor says he is doing it in the interest of the girl. Specifically, he says the name, Liam, is "contrary to the interest of the child."

He does not want her parents to stand between the baby and her future chance at happiness, because the name could harm her social relations.

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If you think this is too much to wrap your head around, rest easy. This practice is fairly normal in France. In fact, the French government has always had a strong hand in what parents decide to name their children.

As recently as 1993, parents could only pick baby names from an approved list, so the public prosecutor is just doing his job.

Twitter reacts

Still, it comes as no surprise that Twitter users are weighing in on the case, and opinions are divided. Some people are applauding the courts decision, and some others think this is a waste of government resources.

To start with, this user just goes all out to call this a case of gender bias:

The ones who approve mostly think the parents are being ultra modern with their choice:

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And the ones who disapprove think the government is overstepping its boundaries:

This woman has a slightly different take on the issue. She thinks the name could become unisex before the girl gets old enough to care:

It's an individuality contest

While the French prosecutor is just trying to preserve tradition, the rest of the world has moved on. Not many people care about whether a name is male or female centric. Parents just name their children whatever appeals to them.

People are taking a walk on the wild side, naming their children Hashtag, Gangnam Style, Chairish, Tulala Does The Hula From Hawaii, Placenta, and Ssst!

Naming a child is all about the parents and their need to stand out. Perhaps, the French need to catch up.

And, while we are at it, we wonder what this court in France would think of the Kardashians and their name choices?

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