Dying Mom Writes A Final Heartfelt Letter To Her Daughter, And People Online Are Pretty Shaken By It


A mother’s last act of love before she passed on is serving as a reference point for how to live meaningfully.

A mother's dying wish

The daughter, Hannah Summer, shared her mother’s last letter to her on Twitter.

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The letter dwelt on simple things. She appealed to her daughter to be deliberated about love, enjoying her life and making beautiful memories.

She also talked about her daughter’s school work and the necessity of family.

Hannah, who is a nursing student, said she was not willing to share the letter at first, but felt compelled to as she read the letter over and over again.

People online are touched

Her mom, Peggy, passed on after battling stage 4 cancer for 15 months. She said she had shared the letter in the hopes that people would realize how precious life is.

Her story has inspired people online, and a few signed up to reach out to their loved ones.

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Her beautiful story also prompted Twitter user, @whodoistantoday, to revisit the loss of his mom.

Another dying woman's wish

Another young woman, Holly Butcher, also shared her thoughts with her followers just before she passed on. In her Facebook letter on life, she urged her readers to think about how transient life is.

She shared valuable thoughts on how people get caught up on frivolities and forget to pay attention to the things that hold meaning.

Holly, 26, said she was not ready to let go of life and the chance to build memories with the love of her life.

We are in awe of the courage of these women.

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