10 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up To Make Up

Date November 20, 2017

The road to 'happily-ever-after' is not always smooth. While some couples meet each other, fall in love, and begin building their lifetime together, others need some time to be apart to figure out if that partner is who they really want to be with.

So, if you are wondering if taking a break is a good idea for your relationship, then you may be interested in learning a little bit about celeb couples who broke up and came back stronger than ever.

1. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez


The duo got together in 2011 and since then, their relationship has been anything but drama-free. After splitting a couple of times, they finally got back together recently. In fact, there are reports that Gomez broke up with The Weeknd when she and Bieber rekindled their flame.

2. Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz


The couple officially confirmed their relationship in 2016, even though they were dating rumors way before then. However, in September of that same year, they ended things only to reconcile in March 2017.

3. Prince William and Kate Middleton


Evidently, even royals experience complicated relationships. Will and Kate began dating in 2004. They reportedly took some time apart in 2007. Three months later, they got back together, and they seem to still be going strong.

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4. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus


The couple met on the set of the movie, The Last Song, in which they both starred. The first breakup happened in August 2010. They got back together in 2011 and were engaged in 2012. In September 2013, they broke up their engagement and were apart for three years. They got back together in 2016 and have been together ever since.

5. Rose Leslie and Kit Harington


These Game Of Thrones stars began dating in 2012. The relationship did not last long, as they soon split. However, in 2014, they rekindled their romance and announced their engagement in September 2017.

6. Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox


They met in 2004 and got engaged in 2006. In 2009, they broke up for the first time, but they soon reconciled. In 2010, they got married. She filed for divorce in 2015, but by 2016, they were back together.

7. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik


The couple began dating in 2015 but broke up in June 2016. Later that month, they confirmed they were back on.

8. Pink and Carey Hart


This couple began dating in 2001 and got married in 2006. They separated in 2008 but reconciled in 2009. They now have two children together.

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9. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel


Justin and Jessica began dating in 2007. They broke up in 2011, but this did not last long. They soon got back together and were married in 2012.

10. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade


The couple began dating in 2009. They took a break between January and April 2013. The NBA star later confirmed, in November, that they chose to take a step back, but ultimately realized they wanted to be together. They got engaged in 2013 and married in September 2014.

Should you take a break?

While it may seem like these couples are now together for good, we have to wonder, is taking a break always beneficial for a relationship? We can't deny that relationships may get a little complicated from time to time, and the idea of taking a breather may sound like a good one. But if you really want a strong relationship, would a breakup be counterintuitive?

In a study done by René Dailey, Department of Communication Studies, University of Texas, couples who return together after a breakup tend to have a less satisfying relationship than they did previously.

Holly Parker, a psychotherapist and a Harvard lecturer on the psychology of close relationships, seems to agree, adding that "some couples get back together not out of love, but because they’re facing crucial barriers to permanently leaving."

However, this does not always mean couples who get back together after a breakup are doomed. Dating coach, Lori Salkin, opined that taking a break is usually only beneficial when there is nothing wrong with the relationship itself. Sometimes, the timing is just bad. She explained:

Finding your perfect match is as much as who as it is when. Breaks can be very helpful when it is a matter of when.

While no one can specifically say for sure whether getting back together after a break up will lead to a better relationship, what experts can agree on is that if the romance is to be rekindled, it should be for the right reasons. It should be because the couples are sure the problems they had previously have been sorted out and some necessary changes have been made.

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