2-Year-Old Saw Her Crush With Another Girl In The Park, So She Calls Him And Gives Him A Piece Of Her Mind

Date February 27, 2018

This 2-year-old keeps making people laugh hysterically with the conversation she had with her boyfriend.

Mila Stauffer saw her sweetheart, Sawyer, with another girl in the park the other day. “I was so mad, I’m calling him right now,” says the girl, frowning. Then, she picks up her pink toy phone, dials Sawyer, and starts having the funniest tantrum ever!

Katie Stauffer / YouTube

This is ridiculous,” she says. “Sawyer, I saw you, don’t go to the park with her. I saw you. I’m so sad.

When Mila’s mom shared this video on Instagram, it went viral. In just two days, it has been viewed more than 140000 times!

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So, did Mila and Sawyer break up or figured out a way to remain together? Watch the video to find out the answer to this question.

Mila Stauffer has been able to garner millions of YouTube views and is even considered somewhat of an internet sensation due to her incredibly sweet videos. In another video, the 2-year-old shared an experience she had during a plane trip. She talked about meeting a "chatty Kathy" who seemed very insistent on having a conversation with her. The video, posted in May 2017, has been viewed over 779, 000 times, and most commenters agree that it was really funny.

Mila is often described as the 'funny mean girl', and her impressions on some of her videos are simply the best. Her mom, Katie, published these hilarious moments on her YouTube page. In the description of one of the videos, the mother said that Mila is a very entertaining child and super funny. She wanted to give others a chance to get a glimpse of that and clearly, it's working.

Source: Katie Stauffer / YouTube

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