Couple Affected By Hurricane Harvey Gets Surprise Wedding

Date October 18, 2017 14:13

A Texas couple was looking forward to saying their vows and becoming husband and wife when Hurricane Harvey led to the cancellation of their dreams.

Chloe and Tim Waterreus had planned to get married on September 2, the weekend after Harvey hit, but after the storm destroyed their home, they had to come to terms with the fact that a wedding was not happening anytime soon.

22-year-old Chloe revealed to ABC that they had everything set up, including the decor and invitations. But as the hurricane swept through their town and flooded their home, everything came to a halt. The couple became more focused on surviving than on planning the perfect wedding.

Fortunately, they were rescued, and everyone was alright. She chose to focus on the fact that she and her fiance, plus her parents and siblings, survived the hurricane, and that was more than enough to be grateful for.

"I'm not going to push my luck," she told ABC.

The couple's friends, however, believed that these were two people that deserved to have their dreams come true. They reached out to a wedding planner, Kristina Cox, who was only too happy to help set up the perfect day.

The bride and groom were beyond thrilled to have their big day. The icing on the cake was that Chloe actually ended up wearing the wedding dress she had chosen before the hurricane. She had left it with the tailor and assumed that it must have been destroyed in the flood. The fact that it came out unscathed made the amazing day even more special.

Another couple who recently made headlines for pulling off the perfect wedding amidst the chaos that was Hurricane Harvey was Shelley and Chris Holland. They were able to whip up a quick wedding that turned out to be absolutely beautiful despite the fact that their original plans got ruined.

This just goes to show that no matter what struggles you are facing, anything is possible when you have people that love you on your side.

Source: ABC