Doctors Warned That A Child May Have Facial Deformities, But Parents Went Ahead With The Pregnancy

Date December 27, 2017

30-year-old Simon Moore suffers from a severe facial disfigurement. This condition is caused by Treacher Collins syndrome – the rare gene mutation. It results in facial deformities but doesn‘t affect a person‘s intelligence.

Simon was born with deformities, involving his ears, eyes, cheekbones, and jawbone. For all his life, the man has been bullied, but that didn’t stop him from finding a loving wife. The couple was on cloud nine when they found out they would become parents. But during an ultrasound session, they discovered that their daughter would have the same disorder as Simon.

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Nevertheless, Simon and Vicky decided to have the baby. Neighbors and even some friends criticized their choice to have a child, but the soon-to-be-parents didn‘t take that into account. Vicky gave birth to a baby girl they named Alice.


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In the video below, the couple talks about raising Alice and discusses some of the harsh comments to which they’ve been subjected.

From the comments that follow the video, it is very clear that despite the couple's explanation, there were still people who felt they made the wrong choice while deciding to have their baby naturally.


Such facial disfigurements are usually passed from parents to children so even before Vicky got pregnant, they knew there was a high chance their baby would have the condition.

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The main reason why some people were against the parents' choice was that they felt the couple purposely chose to have a baby and subject her to all the ridicule and challenges the child might face just for their own selfish reasons. However, there were others who simply felt like the decision on whether or not to have a child should not be based on how other people would react.

What is your opinion on the subject? Was their decision a sign of incredible strength, love, or a cruel selfish act?

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