14 Pictures Of Dogs Looking Hilariously Surprised

Date December 7, 2018

Dogs can be startled and shocked too. But sometimes, you never really notice the expression on their faces. And even when you do, it goes by so fast, you find you are not able to capture it. But some people are lucky enough to share these pictures with the world.

These super cute surprised dogs are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. While we have no clue what shocked them so (a cat, a new toy, or an unexpected sound perhaps), their expression is truly hilarious. Check out the canine cuties below.

1. It's safe to say this one is absolutely aghast.

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2. When you’re playing a game on your computer at work and your boss walks in!

3. Is that a bird I hear in the basement?

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4. That's news you're just not ready for.

5. What? You mean it isn't Friday?!

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6. When you pretend to be asleep and someone says something super interesting, but you have to keep up the ruse.

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7. What do you mean no more treats?

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8. A surprised dog is surprised!

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9. Is that... a vacuum cleaner???

10. What do you mean we're no longer going to the pet store?

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11. Yup! Horror films are a bad idea just before bedtime.

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12. Mum! Please make her stop!!!

13. Oh, wait! Do I have to pee?!

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14. What? Who said that?

Dogs make pretty fantastic pets. They are loyal, fun and are great companions. There is hardly ever a dull moment with them. And from these pictures above, it's clear that there will give you a laugh very often.