20 Years And Still Going Strong: Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick's Unique Love Story

Date February 20, 2018

There's nothing like a great love story to remind you of the importance of finding the right partner and building a life with them.


No relationship is perfect, but we can say that the union between Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband of over 20 years, Matthew Broderick, comes pretty darn close.

How they met.


Sarah and Matthew both started their career as Broadway performers. SJP's brothers, Poppin and Toby helped found Naked Angels, a theatre company which caught Matthew's attention. So after Sarah broke up with Robert Downey Jr, one of her brothers introduced her to Matthew. They began dating in 1991.

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One of the things that kept this relationship strong was their shared passion for theatre. In a 2013 interview with Harper's Bazaar, Sarah revealed that all she and her man cared about at the time was to be "good working actors."


The money and fame were not what inspired or motivated them. They just wanted to do what they loved and wanted to be surrounded by others who were doing the same.

A surprise wedding

Sarah and Matthew found the best way to make sure their wedding was special and unforgettable. On May 19, 1997, the pair tied the knot to the surprise of 100 of their closest friends and family.


Evidently, the couple kept all the wedding planning a secret from everyone. So, when the guests all arrived, they thought they were attending a party.


In what we can only describe as a true 'Carrie Bradshaw' fashion, Sarah got married while wearing a stunning and now-iconic black ruffle dress. She told PEOPLE in a recent interview:

I never thought about a wedding dress. Never. Had not one daydream about it. At one point I just simply remember thinking, 'God, I really hope he asks me to marry him.' I don't know when or why. It was fairly early on.

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Monday May 19th, 1997 It flew by Baby. Good golly I love you. XXX, Your wife

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Growing their family.

The couple had their first child, a boy named James Wilkie, in 2002. It was not until seven years later that they welcomed twin girls - Marion and Tabitha - via surrogacy.

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Sarah has been enjoying her motherhood journey. While speaking about James in an interview, she said:

Sometimes I just sit on the stairs because they're all in the kitchen, eating all the food, and I listen. And I'm so charmed by their conversation. I'm so happy with the young man he's becoming.


Her twin girls also make her very proud. She basks in their unique personalities and derives a lot of joy in being with them.


Their secret to a lasting marriage.

When a couple has been together for decades, it's natural to want to know if they have any wisdom to share. In Sarah and Matthew's case, it's all about making time for each other.


In 2014, Matthew said one of the important things in his marriage to Sarah is that they are good friends and they talk to each other. Besides, "she's really funny, she makes me laugh."

As for Sarah, being in a happy marriage is all about liking the person. She told PEOPLE:

You and your partner are going to change. It seems so silly, but I think you're very lucky if you like the person. I still just really like him. I'm sure I annoy him and he annoys me, but I literally learn about him every day.


Even though they are two very busy people, they clearly make time to hang out with each other and strengthen their bond. We can see how that will make for a great relationship.

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