Royal Prophecy: 8-Year-Old, Meghan Markle, Declares She's Royalty In A 1990 Clip

Date March 27, 2018

Evidently, Meghan Markle has been preparing for her role as a royal since she was only eight - as proven by this adorable 1990 video clip.


I am 'Your Royal Highness!'

A sweet footage or Meghan as an 8-year-old girl playing with her friends has surfaced. In the home movie, the young Meghan can be seen playing the role of a Queen while her subjects attended to her every need.

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Meghan seemed to be busy making a "movie" titled "Your Royal Highness". So, we have to say, this particular prophecy came true twofold. Not only did she end up becoming an actress, she is also about to become royalty.

In the old video, the little girl could be heard saying "take one" before she and her friends began 'filming'.

As soon as the imaginary cameras began to roll, Meghan began yelling directives at her subjects, one of which was, "make me 900,000 cookies!". She also happened to have some important meeting set up with people from "Florida and Canada, Mississippi, Missouri".


Everyone seemed to have a really great time in that particular production.

At age 11, she began to fight for equality.

Just three years after this video was recorded, Meghan was already fighting sexism and taking charge.

Inside Edition / YouTube

In 1993, Meghan had a major issue with the manufacturing company, Procter & Gamble, because she felt like their dishwasher soap commercial, was sexist. The ad reportedly said:

Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.

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Meghan wrote to the company and her letter caught the attention of the then-first lady, Hillary Clinton. She even earned herself a TV interview where she got to speak about the sexism being promoted by the brand. Her effort was what caused the advert to be adjusted.


Clearly, this young lady has been showing her leadership spirit, tenaciousness, and the courage to stand for what's right for a very long time.

A royal wedding

Today, not only has she made her mark as a humanitarian, she will also be living most ladies' dream as she prepares to take on major royal tasks and duties.


On May 19, she will be tying the knots with British Prince Harry. She has certainly come a long way. And from what we have seen so far, she is ready to do a lot more.

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