20 Real-Life Proposal Stories That Are Very Romantic

Date January 23, 2018

For many people, going down on one knee or being proposed to is a huge deal. It is a special moment in a couple's life when they become fully committed to one another. It's an exciting, exhilarating, and hopeful event.

This is why people constantly come up with creative and memorable proposal concepts. And these stories are just incredibly heartwarming. Check out some of the truly amazing ones below, courtesy of the Instagram page, @howheasked.

1. Taking her last name.

"Early on in our relationship, Jack said he knew he was going to marry me, and so before my grandfather passed away, he asked him for my hand in marriage. He also asked him for the name “Solivan” (my family’s surname). When Jack first told me he wanted to change his last name to mine one day, I was confused because I never thought of that as an option. He explained to me that he had zero relationship with his father who had been a “ghost” his entire life. His father didn’t uphold the meaning or responsibility of a father, and he did not want to carry on that name. After meeting and spending time with my family, and especially my grandfather, he fell in love with our family and respected the man my grandfather was–and particularly how he held our family together– so that was the name Jack wanted to represent our family, he told me. It was literally the most romantic thing I have ever heard and opened my eyes to what love is..." ???? Love this meaningful proposal! Watch the video via the link in our profile ????

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2. He had a ring... and a kitten.

"Ramie moved clear across the country to start a new life with me this year. Sometimes she can feel pretty homesick, and she especially misses her family's pets, so I decided a kitten and an heirloom ring was just what she needed (????+????). On the day of the proposal, she and I had plans to do family photos together. In the middle of the shoot, my sister (the photographer!), said she needed my help getting something heavy out of the car for the shoot. I walked over, grabbed the box that had our black and white kitten hiding in it and made my way back to Ramie. The kitten was not doing a good job keeping my secret and was heard before she was seen, but the joy it brought to Ramie’s eyes when I knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry us was one I will never forget...." Photo by @laurie_jean_photography

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3. Over a game of Heads Up.

"We arrived at a Christmas market across from the restaurant and got drinks to enjoy by the fire outside while we waited for our reservation at 7pm. As we sat down he asked me if I wanted to play the game Heads Up. I thought this was a little odd, but I went with it. The game started off with some general words, but then the word "Will" popped up on the screen. Immediately I started to get the idea of what was about to unfold. If you have played the game heads up before you know it is a charades type game where you act out or describe the word on the screen to your partner who will then guess the word. I stumbled for a minute at the word "Will", but eventually gave him the clue of "Blank and Grace" - "Oh Will!" he answered...." ???? OKAY EVERYONE YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS PROPOSAL. Link in profile! Photo by @richaparekhphotography

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4. A general ed science class turned out to be the perfect setting for two people to meet, become best friends, and fall in love.

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5. Princess Jasmine got to witness this special proposal.

6. They locked eyes on the dance floor, and "the rest is history."

7. Her offered her favorite treats, then went down on one knee.

8. He was so overtaken by joy that after he proposed, he was "frozen on one knee."

"It was a beautiful Sunday evening in Hawaii. Cole and I had planned to go to watch the sunset at Kawela Bay, a beach that was special to us because we spent our first Valentine's Day there. We held hands as we walked along the shore, coming across an old bunker that Cole suggested we hop on up to watch the sunset from. Once we got up there, I started to hear one of our favorite songs play (by one of our friends on the other side of the bunker). I looked at Cole as he got down on one knee, told me he wanted to spend forever with me, and asked me to marry him. I said yes (of course) and kissed him, and then I had to literally lift him up because he was so frozen on one knee..." And their engagement photos are even cuter! Link in profile to see ❤️ #couplegoals ???? by @apecub + engagement photos by @hbgoodie

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9. A delicious beverage and an engraved spoon.

"On Thanksgiving morning, Hunter and I made our way outside to enjoy our morning beverages by the warm fire. I don't drink coffee so Hunter prepared my favorite drink – peppermint hot chocolate! When I saw the mug and whip cream detail, I immediately snapped a pictured because I wanted to post it on Instagram later..(little did I know, ha!).. Oblivious to the spoon, I enjoyed my drink and chatted with Hunter for a good 10 minutes. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and said to me “If the spoon is in your way you can take it out...” and it was at that time that I noticed the spoon had been engraved to say “Will you marry me”. Before I could even register what was happening, Hunter got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!"

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10. Prince Charming offered his lady a glass slipper. It doesn't get any sweeter than this.

11. For their 5-year anniversary, they took a trip to Paris.

12. He couldn't wait ten years.

“Let me preface this story by telling you two key pieces of information that will make the proposal moment a little more understandable. 1. Kevin and I do one new thing together each week and we have an ongoing list of the things we want to do and have done. 2. Whenever anyone asks when we are getting married, Kev responds with “ten years from now” (which he always thinks is wildly hilarious). So, one weekend we had plans to go back to our hometown which has “New England in the Fall” written all over it. We made plans to go to a few wineries and after one tasting, we wandered outside to "take cute fall pictures in the vines." Kevin led me to a particular row, which I noticed had a picnic set up a ways down. I looked at him and told him we needed to turn around because someone else's picnic was set up, but he kept insisting that we continue walking. As we got closer, I noticed a sign that read, "Get Engaged: CHECK" and that's when I knew. I immediately yelled, "oh my god!" and turned around to see Kevin reaching for the ring box he had cleverly hidden in his sock. Then, he looked at me and said, “I couldn’t wait ten years,” and got down on one knee.” Photo by @jaci_donahue

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13. He proposed at sunrise to symbolize the beginning of their journey together. How cute!

14. He told their amazing story in a book and ended it by asking the big question.

"I am a massive book nerd. I’m talking one-book-per-week and I also work at our local library kind of book nerd. So when we booked our trip to Portugal, I was most excited to visit one of the world’s most beautiful book stores, Livraria Lello in Porto. When we got there, I was enamored and was being a huge weirdo – jaw wide open, touching the book shelves, opening all the books, and just relishing in the glorious paper-filled place. Andy was trying hard to rush me upstairs and I was actually getting little annoyed (whoops). He finally got me upstairs and not long after, he said "hey, look at this one". At first, I didn't pay him any attention and kept looking around, then when I finally looked over, I saw he was holding the cutest little book with two illustrated versions of us on the cover with the title, “Reasons Why I Love You”. Andy always does cute little romantic things like this, so I thought he was just doing something sweet since I was so excited to be at the store. I read through the book and it was filled with all of my favourite memories and inside jokes we’ve had together. Everything that we’ve done in the past six years was inside 35 perfectly illustrated pages (done by my best friend who is an amazingly talented illustrator). Finally, I got to the end of the book, and surprisingly it said “Will You Marry Me?” I looked up, in complete shock, and there was Andy, on one knee, waiting for my answer...." photo by @luisefigenio

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15. On top of the mountain, he declared his love.

"A few hours before I got off work one Friday, Sam casually texted me and asked if I would like to go hiking. I said yes, of course, and as we got to the top of the mountain, I was shocked to see a table with white linens, roses, and a “reserved” sign there. There was also one of my dresses hanging over a chair. I was extremely confused, but Sam told me to put the dress on, so I threw it on over my hiking attire and sat down. After repeating “There’s a table. On a mountain. And I’m wearing a dress?!” multiple times, a "waiter" (Sam’s friend) emerged from the trees with a menu that was filled with clues I didn’t catch on to. Then he served us dinner and dessert, and all the while I never once figured this could be... what it was. Finally, our "waiter" brought us the bill which very clearly said... "engagement dinner... priceless"." Link in profile for all the sweet deets ❤️

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16. Their love story began at midnight - New Years' Day.

"On New Year's Eve in 2013, I was back home in Mesa, Arizona for winter break. Some friends and I decided to go to a party that a buddy from our rival high school was having, meaning there were going to be a good number of people we'd all never met before. The whole night, my friends and I were all looking for our potential kiss at midnight (yes, guys do this too) and despite having enough time to scout, I still hadn't met anyone as 12 o'clock rolled around. When the countdown started, I'd accepted the fact that I'd have to wait until next year, but when the crowd got down to "two", a gorgeous blonde wearing bright red lip stick came walking up to me. Everyone screamed "one!!!" and she planted one on me right then and there. The actual kiss only lasted a second but it had a lasting effect (mainly because of the red lipstick on my lips). Then ... just as fast as she showed up... she disappeared back into the crowd, and left without telling me her name, let alone a way to contact her. Luckily, later in the night, I received a comment on one of my instagram photos that said "I kissed you tonight". I replied "How could I forget"..." ???? #FortuneFavorsTheBold #FortuneFavorsTheBoldLIP ???? Link in profile for the rest of their love story + proposal video ❤️ ???? by @jacimariephoto

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17. He gave her a fright during the flight. But at the end, she got the sweetest surprise.

"Ryan has his pilot's license and after passing a big test for work, he asked me to fly with him one sunny Sunday morning. It was a typical pre-flight and take off, but once he began practicing his "maneuvers", I quickly developed a case of motion sickness then spent the majority of the flight with my eyes closed. After a particularly gut flipping maneuver, I gave Ryan the death stare, to which he laughed and said he'd land the plane. When we got to the ground, he pulled out a flying app he had on his phone and said, "hey check this out, it's our flight pattern!" I looked at the map on the phone and saw "Marry Me" with a heart. Turns out during all those maneuvers, Ryan had been flying the plane to spell out the proposal!" ????✈️ Swipe right to see! (Photo by Ian McEwen)

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18. It was her trip. It was his moment.

"I had a work trip to Utah (I'm a photographer!) and I decided to bring Matt on it so I had some extra company. One of the shoots we had was at the Salt Flats and Matt have never been, so I invited him to come along with all of us photographers. When we were finishing up the shoot, one of the other photographers mentioned how absolutely stunning the light on the Salt Flats was, and insisted that Matt and I model for a few more shots. I thought nothing of it and pulled Matt in front of the camera. After a few shots, he stared to bend down and I immediately told him to stand back up and wait for them to give us direction! He said nothing and continued getting down on one knee which is when I immediately figured out what was happening. In shock, I covered my face with my denim jacket and then dropped to the ground next to him (completely losing my cool at this point)..." link in profile for more AMAZING photos (by @kelsie.sneegas and!)

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19. Her favorite song came on, then her man appeared.

"My sister and I are both dance teachers, so when she asked me to come with her to scout a location for a concept she's working on, I thought nothing of it. So, we show up at my favorite park and music from my @HamiltonMusical, my absolute favorite musical, immediately starts to play. Still not thinking anything of it, my favorite song "Helpless" comes on, and of course I get excited. Then, I start to see my students and so many of our friends and family coming onto the field in a choreographed dance to the song. Rob always laughs and shakes his head at me every time he comes home to find the soundtrack blaring and me rapping and singing every line alongside it, but there he was, dancing with everyone I loved and rapping Hamilton's part in the song...." Watch the adorable #Hamilton-inspired proposal video via the link in our profile. It's featured on our partner @platinum_jewelry's site and the video and the #platinum ring is just too much to handle. Hamilton fans, let me hear you below!

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