20 Incredibly Rare And Stunning Sea Creatures

Date January 26, 2018 14:14

When it comes to the creatures that live in the universe, there's just so much we do not know. New species on land and in the sea are constantly being discovered. Some of them are so rare that only a few can be found in specific regions of the world.

Seeing these beautiful animals is a reminder that there's still so much more to experience. While there are countless animals walking on land and flying in the air, there's nothing as breathtaking as realizing the stunning species that live in the sea.

Check out some of the fascinating sea creatures below.

1. Tardigrades (also known as water bears)

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2. Siphonophore

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3. Frilled shark

4. Goose barnacle

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5. Pink Fantasia

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6. Christmas tree worm

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7. Marrus orthocanna

8. Dumbo octopus

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9. Australian ghost shark

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10. Basket star

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11. Vampire squid

12. Whale shark

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13. Deep sea jellyfish

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14. Phronima sedentaria

15. Narwhal

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16. Mantis shrimp

17. Promachoteuthis sulcus

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18. Roughback batfish

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19. Pigbutt worm

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20. Barreleye fish

These are stunning creatures that deserve to be seen by everyone at least once in their lifetime. Each of them is so unique, and these differences that make them colorful and beautiful.

We bet there are literally thousands of sea creatures that are yet to be discovered. In fact, it was reported that a whopping 95% of our ocean is still unexplored. As time goes on, we will be introduced to new sea beauties.

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