Dying Man Had Only One Wish: To See His Beloved Dog One Last Time! Hospital Breaks The Rules To Make It Happen

Date April 2, 2018 11:28

A beautiful moment where a man was reunited with his dog has been shared online and is melting the hearts of many people.

A dying man's wish

70-year-old Peter Robson had a feeling he was not long for this world. As he was surrounded by his family, he knew there was one more beloved member missing - his dog, Shep.

Peter got the dog eight years ago, and he found a deeper level of comfort and companionship in Shep after his wife passed away.

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Peter was suffering from fibrosis of the lungs and was being cared for at a hospital. As his health continued to deteriorate, he worried that he would never see his dog again. The hospital had strict policies aimed at controlling infection, and this meant pets weren't allowed in the wards.

However, one of the nurses, Cheryl White, decided this was one time the hospital could relax its rules a little bit. She took the matters into her hands and ensured Peter had one last chance to hug and give his dog a cuddle.

Ashley Stevens, Peter's granddaughter, shared pictures and video of the sweet moment on Facebook. The short reunion clip has been viewed more than 200,000 times. The hospital staff and Peter's family had nothing but words of praise for Cheryl.

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Ashley said in her social media post:

Still in shock that the wish was granted and they went above and beyond today and made a dying man very happy.

Peter passed away a few hours after this sweet reunion.

The bond between a man and his dog

They say a dog is man's best friend. Just do a quick internet search, and you will find thousands of stories praising the bond between a human and a dog.

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Some dogs are applauded for being heroes, while others are hailed for their loyalty, kindness, and even their abilities to heal their humans.

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Stories like these make us want to give our beloved pets a warm snuggle. We just know our home and family will be incomplete without our special four-legged friends.

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