'It's About Knowing Our Value!' Jennifer Lopez Speaks On What The 'Me Too' Movement Means To Her

Date February 12, 2018

Jennifer Lopez is completely on board with the 'Me Too' movement and stresses on its importance for today's women.

'It's all about knowing our worth'

J.Lo recently spoke to Billboard magazine where she expressed her support for the #MeToo and women in general.

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"It's a beautiful time for women," she said, adding that more people are now finding the courage to talk about their experience and feelings.

We are really finding our voices. We are really coming out of the shadows and saying how we feel. [It’s about] knowing our worth and our value and making the opposite sex aware of our worth and our value.

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Last month, the singer and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez visited Puerto Rico to aid the relief effort after the traumatic event of Hurricane Maria. J.Lo skipped the Golden Globes, but she wore black to her family's home island in support of the movement.

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She also shared that as a mother to a 9-year-old, the movement is one of the best things to happen right now.

It’s a groundbreaking thing that’s going on in the world right now. Of course, I always support women speaking up. I’m super-excited about the time we are living in right now — especially for my daughter.

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Her beautiful daughter

Jennifer Lopez has two children, Emme Maribel and Maximilian David, and this mom is super proud of her little ones. She often shares pictures of her kids on her Instagram account.

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In December, she shared a short clip of Emme in action at her school's 'Christmas Pageant 2017'.

Christmas Pageant 2017

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One thing fans quickly noticed about the girl was how much like her mother she looked. With that beauty and cute demeanour, she's certainly a next-gen J.Lo in the making.

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The J-Rod effect

When it comes to celebs who seem to be living the perfect life, Jennifer Lopez comes to mind. In March 2017, sources confirmed her relationship with former MLB pro Alex Rodriguez.

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Since then, they have been getting stronger by the day.

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In a recent interview with E! News, Lopez revealed that she considers Rodriguez her rock because he is always there for her and is very supportive.

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Lopez is certainly living her best life, and we hope we continue to hear more good news on that front.

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