White House Was On Lockdown After A Woman Broke Through The Security Barrier

Date February 27, 2018

Last week, there was a bit of drama in the White House, and it all came to an end when a woman was arrested for breach of security.


The White House on lockdown

At about 3:30 pm on Friday, the White House had to go on lockdown after a woman deliberately drove her vehicle into a security barrier near the structure. President Trump was inside the building at the time.

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For about half an hour, there was a little bit of concern and uncertainty as the secret service tried to contain the situation. But according to their reports, no shots were fired and Trump was not in any danger.


The invader

It was later reported that the woman who invaded the White House security was detained by the Secret Service, and they believed she had crashed into the barricade intentionally. She was eventually identified as Jessica Rhea Ford.


The lady was no stranger to breaking the law. She had been arrested in Tennessee for such acts as misuse of 911, trespassing, and violation of probation. No files have been charged for now regarding her attempt to crash into the White House.

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The Secret Service tweets

During the lockdown, the Secret Service kept Americans abreast of what was going on. They shared these updates via their Twitter account and announced when the driver of the vehicle was "immediately apprehended."

This isn't the first time someone attempted to forcefully make their way into the White House. According to the Secret Service Agency, in the last three years alone, people have attempted to break into the grounds about 100 times. Most of the culprits were those who suffered some sort of mental illness or another.

Things were tense only for a little while this time around and within minutes, normal activities in the 18-acre White House resumed.

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