Former Miss America, Mallory Hagan, Wants To Run For Congress


February 13, 2018 13:24 By Fabiosa

Gorgeous ex-beauty queen, Mallory Hagan, is working towards a career in politics as she recently announced her intent to run for Congress.

Who is Mallory Hagan?

The 29-year-old actress, model, and beauty queen was the winner of Miss America 2013 and Miss New York 2012. She has gotten other titles, such as Miss Manhattan 2011 and Miss Brooklyn 2012.

She has been using her impressive platform to bring awareness to the existence and prevention of child sexual abuse.

Now, she's looking to delve into politics in hopes of making a strong impact.

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Mallory's political aspirations

The former Miss America stated her interest in running for Congress in eastern Alabama. She announced her democratic bid for Alabama's District 3 seat last week.

While at an event organized at her parents' dance studio, Mallory said that her desire to stand up as a woman, empower herself and others was what inspired her to take this political plunge.

Over the course of my childhood, I saw a strong, smart, intelligent woman, my mother, empowering young people around her and specifically young girls, for the most part. Watching that in my childhood, and watching those people around me empowered by my mother, I learned, of course, from my mother and my father and my entire family, what it means to use your voice and to stand up for yourself.

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Mallory will have to beat the incumbent, who has been on the seat for 16 years. She believes that Republican Rep, Mike Rogers, who has held the congressional seat for four terms, is not listening to what the people want. In her opinion, she can reach more people and find solutions to their problems.

To me, it’s incredibly important to be a person in this community who utilizes the skills that I’ve learned over the past decade and some change in going out and speaking with people, learning what their problems are and learning how to come up with some solutions that we can all work together to face.

Rogers was first elected in 2002, and Mallory hopes to change the status quo in that regard.

Beauty Queens who delved into politics

While this might seem like two unrelated career goals, there are a few beauty queens that have gone on to thrive in the political arena.

Shelli Yoder was Miss Indiana in 1992. She later campaigned for Congress and now serves as a member of her local council in the state. Then, there is Gul Panag who won the title of Miss India in 1999. She joined the Aam Aadmi Political Party in 2014.


And who can forget Sarah Palin, a formidable woman who once served as the ninth governor of Alaska? When she was 20, she earned the title of Miss Wasilla and even became the first runner-up and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Alaska Pageant.

These women prove that beauty and brains do not have to be separate attributes. They inspire young girls by letting them know that anything is possible.

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